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Note: The professional work I have done cannot be shown on a public folio due to legality, however, they can be shared privately if inquired. 

On That Side of the Internet

This short was a project for my Media Cultures class, focusing on the idea of racialization and the impact of the internet on that process.

Angels of War

A Project made for display in Federation square, a piece about nurses and their role in several 20th centry wars

"The Design" Furniture Magazine

A Graphic design piece being a fake furniture magazine titled 'The Design'

Screenshot 2022-02-07 232246.jpg

Sleep, Mope, Party and Repeat

A piece for my 360 video class detailing a first person perspective of a homeless man and the daily life of someone who enjoys a drink a bit too much.

Triple Video/Lockdown Dairy

A collection of the videos side-by-side displaying what 2020 felt like.

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